Kenya Ndaroini

Kenya Ndaroini

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Bright, juicy grapefruit with a pleasant astringency; this is a perfect example of the qualities Kenyan coffees are known for. In addition to tasting great, this coffee helps to support a major shift in the supply chain, one that prioritizes growers and helps them improve quality and yields. 

Traditionally, Kenyan coffees are sold by multinationals that control both the buying price and the sale price at auction, with the farmers receiving 10% at harvest, and the balance once the coffees are delivered to an exporter, several months later. This leaves them with little means to make improvements to farming methods, let alone cover living expenses. Trabocca has partnered with the members of the Ndaroini Co-op to change that. Coffee is purchased directly from them, at a substantial premium, and additional payments are made to cover improvements to the washing station equipment. Through this new supply chain, growers are able to pay their expenses without high interest loans, make improvements that will directly impact coffee quality, and connect with roasters and coffee drinkers around the world!

Country Kenya
Region Nyeri


Process Washed
Elevation(mASL) 1800
Varietals SL-28, SL-34
Roasted with Apple wood
Roast level Light-Medium
Tasting Notes Cranberry, Grapefruit, Lemon


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