12 oz bag of coffee grown by Yailton Caicedo
Cafe del Cauca - Yailton Caicedo
Cafe del Cauca - Yailton Caicedo
Cafe del Cauca - Yailton Caicedo
Cafe del Cauca - Yailton Caicedo

Cafe del Cauca - Yailton Caicedo

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The first in our series of microlots featuring the unique coffees of the Cauca region of Colombia is this amazingly sweet and smooth coffee from Yailton Caceido. Marshmallow and caramel sweetness and a very mild acidity with hints of mandarin orange, this coffee is amazingly smooth and sweet. Makes an excellent iced pourover, just in time for summer!

Yailton Caicedo is a man of few words. He is a fourth-generation farmer who inherited his love for coffee from his ancestors. He is at peace when he is tending to his trees. Yailton says, “Coffee gives to me, so I have to give to my coffee.” He is reluctant to head into town to socialize because, according to him, “it means less time taking care of my coffee.” He has managed to put his daughters through school with his crop and plans on making his farm a thriving family business. He and his wife are inseparable. They work together picking, de-pulping, washing, and fermenting the coffee during the harvest.

Suárez, Cauca, a region that is considered too dangerous for many exporters to work in. This is the first time their coffee has been exported, and we are proud to offer this rare and beautiful coffee from an emerging origin in one of Colombia’s most unpredictable regions. 

Country Colombia
Region Suárez, Cauca


Finca Monterredondo
Process Double Fermentation, 36 hr
Elevation(mASL) 1750
Varietals Castillo, Colombia, Caturra
Roasted with Apple wood
Roast Level Light-Medium
Tasting Notes Marshmallow, Mandarin Orange, Caramel


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