Naga Singage
Naga Singage
Naga Singage
Naga Singage

Naga Singage

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Floral and sweet, with notes of vanilla, black tea, and lemon - this coffee makes an excellent pourover or aeropress, hot or iced!

The Adorsi washing station which processes coffee cherries from nearly 1000 smallholder farms had sat idle for many years, but is now a hub for high quality coffee in the region. 

We also have the Natural process lot of this coffee available!

Country Ethiopia
Region Yirgacheffe


Adorsi washing station
Process Washed
Elevation(mASL) 1950-2150
Varietals Kurume, Mixed Heirloom
Roasted with Hardwoods
Roast Level Light-Medium
Tasting Notes Jasmine, Vanilla, Black Tea, Lemon


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