La Sanadora
La Sanadora
La Sanadora
La Sanadora

La Sanadora

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Freddy and his brother Henry learned coffee cultivation from their extended family, who have been growing in the region for generations. La Sanadora is a relatively young planting of Caturra trees, measuring less than two hectares! After harvest the cherries are pulped, leaving nearly all of the inner mucilage layer of the coffee cherries intact before drying on raised beds. This sticky layer of the fruit resembles honey and by being allowed to rest with low agitation turns deep red as it dries, which is why they refer to this a Red Honey process.

Silky body with intense pear and Green Apple notes. Incredibly sweet with great body and acidity with excellent balance.


Costa Rica
Region San Francisco de Leon Cortes, Tarrazu


Café la Tia
Process Red Honey
Elevation(mASL) 1900
Varietals Caturra
Roasted with Mixed Hardwoods
Roast Level Light-Medium
Tasting Notes Green Apple, Asian Pear, Clove


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